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ADS Extraoral Dental Suction System

ADS suction system At our practice, we prioritize health and safety above everything else. Nothing’s more important to us than creating a comfortable environment that’s safe for our patients, as well as our staff. That’s why we use the ADS Extraoral Dental Suction System during treatment.

When a dentist cleans your teeth, it results in high volumes of droplets and aerosols being expelled from your mouth. This increases the risk of spreading diseases and can be hazardous to the dentist’s health.


Thankfully, our dental suction system removes the droplets and aerosols from the source, eliminating the chance for them to spread through the air or attach to your dentist’s clothes.

The ADS system is equipped with an extra-strong motor that provides up to ten times more suction power than competing devices. It’s also designed to make minimal noise and can last for many years.

The 3-layered HEPA filtration system stops germs and viruses with 99.995% efficiency, while the medical-grade UV light disinfectant system kills all germs and viruses in the filter. The unique aerodynamic design also creates an air-tight seal that ensures dirty air won’t leak.

In addition, the system is equipped with precise controls and a digital display screen that allow you to choose between 10 levels of suction power. Thanks to the ADS Extraoral Dental Suction system, we can ensure a safe, clean environment for everyone in our practice


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